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Do you have trouble with rats or mice?

In rural areas, rats and mice are extremely common. Numbers usually increase in late Summer/early Autumn when the weather is warm, food is plentiful and there is plenty of vegetation to hide in. For information about how to reduce rats on your property and reduce the risk of rats moving indoors when temperatures drop later in the year, read on for links from the British Pest Control Association and others.

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King’s Coronation Photos

We have a large collection of images taken from the King’s Coronation celebrations in Leigh on the 7th and 8th June 2023

To view the images, click on the title of this post to display the full post with images included.

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Leigh Flower Show 2023

Grand Opening on Saturday 12th August at 2.30 in the Village Hall

The Programme has classes for everyone, young and young at heart, so please don’t be shy and get involved. Entry forms to be with Show Secretary Emma Harris, Candleford (by Cross) by 8pm on the 9th August.

The programme can be found here, and entry forms are inside the programme.

Programmes are at the shop and can also be downloaded by clicking the image below