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Overgrown hedges

The Parish council would like to remind residents that The cutting back of highway hedges and trees is the responsibility of the landowner or occupier on whose land the hedges and trees are growing.

It is the responsibility of all landowners or occupiers to ensure that their hedges and trees do not interfere with the safe use of public footways and roadways or obscure street lights and road signs.

We are aware that some hedges are overhanging / encroaching the highway in several locations around the village making it dangerous for road users and pedestrians.

A detailed description of landowners responsibilities can be found here

Leigh Flower Show 2021

The Leigh Flower show will take place this year, at a slightly later date of Sept 4th 2021.

Details are still to be finalised, and will of course be dependent on Government advice regarding Covid 19.

The full program can be found here