The Annie Sinnott Walk

The Annie Sinnott Walk was created by Leigh Parish Council(LPC), to honour and remember Annie Sinnott the founder and director of the Old Village Care Home in Leigh, who did so much for the village of Leigh both locally and nationally. The walk was formally opened on Saturday 27th March 2017 by the LPC, which attracted a substantial group of walkers.

The walk follows a number of public footpaths, it runs from the Old Vicarage in a semi-circular route largely across open farmland offering some beautiful views across the Dorset Downs in the distance, to a lane besides a stream and a short section of road (view map).
The route is unique in so far as all the 12 original stiles have been replaced by self closing gates, supplied by Dorset Rights of Way with financial support from LPC, in a bid to encourage walkers of all ages to enjoy their local landscapes.

The walk takes about 45 minutes to complete, and is very well signed by distinct way-marks signs. The walk is accessible throughout the year, but during periods of heavy rainfall it can become muddy, so appropriate footwear should always be used. As the walk crosses open fields, farm animals largely cattle and horses will often be encountered. For the most part these are controlled by mobile electric fences with hook and eye connections which are easy to open and close and hence should not cause any problems. If on the other hand walkers are accompanied by dogs these should always be on the lead, and under control, any dog waste should be removed.