Little Leigh Store

The Little Leigh Store and Coffee Shop is a lovely space nestled in the heart of Leigh.

The shop offers residents of Leigh and surrounding villages with a variety of fresh, local and well sourced produce including milk, eggs, fruit and vegetables, whole foods, alcohol, artisan goods and household essentials.

Not only does the milk come directly from Liberty Dairy (just five miles away) and is sold in glass bottles, fresh bread is delivered daily directly from the amazing Evershot Bakery. This includes a range of bread, rolls, cakes, pastries and pies which can also be pre-ordered. Pop in and see what is available!

In addition to the store is a charming cafe where you can relax and enjoy freshly brewed coffee made from the finest coffee beans and organic milk or a tasty treat from the selection of cakes, pastries, toasties, waffles and much more! Please see the menu for full details including vegan, dairy or gluten free options.

Why not take a look at the community library while enjoying your cuppa. You can bring a book to swap or put some pennies in one of the charity boxes. The store also offers a daily newspaper pre-order service.

The Store and Coffee Shop offers an extremely valuable and high quality service to the benefit of the local community so please consider supporting it in return!

Click here for the menu!

Address & Contact

Little Leigh Store,
Bridge Garage,
Leigh, Dorset

Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm
Saturday 9am – 2pm

Phone No.: 01935 872323


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