The Village Green

The 2 acres of land immediately to the west of the Village Hall, upon which Leigh Village Green has been established, was purchased by Leigh Parish Council in July 2019, on a 99 year lease.

The Green is intended for use as an open space in the heart of our village for anyone to enjoy for short term occasional activities such as village events, picnics, personal exercise or informal family games etc that those without access to a suitable garden might otherwise not be able to enjoy.  Overnight camping and fires are not permitted.

Dogs may be exercised on the green, provided:

  • they are always under your proper control, and cause no concern to others.
  • any droppings are immediately removed. Two dog-waste bag dispensers have been installed to facilitate this; the litter bins may be used for disposal.
  • the ‘exercising of dogs’ concession will be withdrawn if the above conditions are habitually infringed. Please do not hesitate to challenge anyone failing to comply.

It is hoped that many will enjoy the use of this valuable facility.  Please be scrupulous in leaving no litter; there is a bin at the road entrance to the Village Hall, and another where the footpath adjoins Chetnole Road.

The Village Hall Committee has kindly agreed to allow users of the Green to park their cars in the Village Hall car park. With suitable notice (normally two months), when an event (either in the Hall or on the Green) is programmed and a need for additional parking is foreseen, overflow parking can be made available on the agricultural field that is immediately to the south of the Green.  Access will be via the gate at the top of the Village Hall car park; the aim is to keep all vehicles off the Green to avoid it becoming rutted.

In due course it is intended to install a gate where the footpath joins Chetnole Road, establish some occasional benches around the perimeter, and plant some trees along the southern boundary.  The field to the south of this boundary is also owned by Leigh Parish Council; it will remain as agricultural land.

Should you wish to use the Green for a particular event, please contact the Parish Clerk on