Maps and Guidance


Where signposted, footpaths are indicated by Yellow Arrows, bridleways by Blue Arrows, and BOATS (Byways Open to All Traffic) by Black Arrows. Red arrows indicate the Stanley Waterfall Way set up in memory of Stanley Waterfall MBE in recognition of the fine work he did over many years to encourage the use and upkeep of our footpaths.

Landowners also sometimes set up Permissive Paths which walkers can use at the discretion of the land-owners; these are indicated by green arrows, but they are not designed to replace ROWs.

On the maps of the Parish, the broken red lines indicate footpaths, the green lines indicate public bridleways, and the black thick lines indicate BOATS. The only BOATS in Leigh Parish are Longbridge Drove, Bolters Drove and a short stretch of footpath Seivers Lane is a Restricted Byway, that is a Byway which cannot be used by mechanical vehicles.

Each parish has its own specific code reference. Leigh Parish is N18 followed by the footpath number.

Download Maps

An Ordnance Survey map is available for download which shows all Rights of Way in Leigh Parish. Dorset County Council will hold the definitive map, but these things change rarely so the one here can be used as a reasonable guide.

Notes for guidance on Rights of Way – Dorset County Council – download PDF

Leigh Parish Rights of Way Map – 3200 x 2400px – download JPEG Image – 4.6Mb

Stanley Waterfall Way – 3315 x 2325px – download JPEG Image – 1.6Mb

The Annie Sinnott Walk –  3389 x 2435px –  download JPEG Image – 4 Mb

For further information contact Trevor Evans, Footpath Liaison Officer, 01935 873172, .

The two photographs below illustrate the quite different characteristics found in the Rights of Way in Leigh Parish.

Bridle path leading to footpath N18/25 from the Batcombe Road.






Part of Church Lane Footpath