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Parish Council Elections in May

Parish Council Elections are in May – please see for more information.

An update from the parish council

May will soon be here, bringing with it election season. For those that are interested in standing as a parish councillor, here is some key information.

Nomination packs are now available from the electoral commission and nominations can be submitted from the 12th March by hand at 4 venues until the 5th April with a 4pm deadline. This is also the deadline for nominations to be withdrawn from the election process.
There are 7 seats on the parish council, so if 7 or less stand for council, then the election is uncontested and those that have stood will automatically be elected and there will be no formal
election process. If, however there are more than 7 nominations, then the election is contested and a parish election will be held on the 2nd May, with those that have been elected as parish councillors taking office from the 7th May.
I would invite anyone that is interested in standing as a parish councillor to get in touch with the clerk, as there is a lot more information available regarding dates, drop off venues, the process, responsibilities etc.

You can also look at the links already posted to the website, as well as the below videos which are useful.

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Make a Change – Be a Councillor


Who can stand

Do contact Steve Hawkins, Parish Council chair or Christopher Cook, clerk to discuss if you are interested in becoming a councillor. For more information about the Parish Council, please see the Parish Council page – Parish Council




Do you have trouble with rats or mice?

In rural areas, rats and mice are extremely common. Numbers usually increase in late Summer/early Autumn when the weather is warm, food is plentiful and there is plenty of vegetation to hide in. For information about how to reduce rats on your property and reduce the risk of rats moving indoors when temperatures drop later in the year, read on for links from the British Pest Control Association and others.

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