UPDATE from Dr Rob Childs – Sherborne Covid Vaccination Lead

We have only two more Covid vaccination clinics left to do locally. One is this
weekend on the 17th July and the last clinic is on the 31st July at the Digby Hall.
Both of these clinics will be offering Pfizer vaccines ( and some Astra Zeneca
doses as well). The local campaign has been a great success and we have
achieved vaccination rates that are some of the best in the country. We will then
be shutting down the clinic until the Autumn when we anticipate seeing many of
you again for your Covid vaccine booster and flu jab. The details of this campaign
have yet to be finalised.
The second dose of your vaccine is the most important in giving you immunity to
Covid. Cases are rising rapidly nationally and locally. So please don’t forget your
second dose. If you don’t have an appointment and haven’t had your second ( or
even first dose), please ring your surgery to arrange one.
The emphasis now is shifting from national Covid restrictions that were designed
to protect you, to you making choices to protect yourself.
You may want to consider continuing to wear a mask in certain settings where
the risk is greater and we will ask you to continue to wear masks in healthcare
settings such as the surgeries. You may also want to consider obtaining lateral
flow tests which you can get from local chemists or order online
at https://www.gov.uk/order-coronavirus-rapid-lateral-flow-tests. If you are
meeting with others, you can then reassure each other of your negative status
with a lateral flow test. This will allow for safer socialising of all those groups that
haven’t been able to meet for some time.
We still need to be cautious as it is likely that numbers will continue to rise for few
more weeks before this peak is reached. Most of the current infections are in the
younger age group (18-29) or those who haven’t been vaccinated. We are seeing
a few infections in those who have had two vaccines, but the risk of serious
illness is greatly reduced in those who have been vaccinated.
So to reiterate, get your second vaccine for your immunity and safety, and if you
haven’t had a first vaccine and have changed your mind, talk to your surgery and
we can arrange one for you.
Let’s enjoy the good weather and the removal of legal restrictions, but do
continue to look after yourself and those around you, by not taking any
unnecessary risks and staying safe.
Dr Rob Childs
Sherborne Covid Vaccination Lead