Leigh Flower Show 2024

We are pleased to announce another year of the Leigh Flower show!
Grand Opening by Eddie and Philippa at 2.30 pm on Saturday 10th August. 
The programme has classes for everyone, young and old, so do give it a try.
Entry forms to be submitted to flower show secretary Emma Harris at Candleford by 7th August. 
Show Schedules can be collected at the Little Leigh Store and can also be downloaded by clicking the link below.

April Lottery Results

Here is the result of the Leigh village hall lottery April draw:

1st Ball No 31 – Mrs L Garrett £40

2nd Ball No 53 – Kirsty Barson £20

3rd Ball No 59 – Mrs Angela Seabrook £10

4th Ball No 214 – Ms Lauren Paige £5

Roadworks and Closures

Did you know that any advance road closures or maintenance are shown on Dorset Council’s interactive map? This is the best way to keep up to date with planned road closures.


From the Dorset Council Website: Dorset Council as Highway Authority does not notify individual households or businesses of forthcoming work when the activities are approved. Residents and businesses can follow current and planned roadworks and traffic restrictions on our roadworks map.

It is not a requirement for all works that residents, businesses and services be notified in advance; however the likely scale of disruption occurring from the works and any associated traffic management impact is likely to inform the need to provide notification.

It is the responsibility of the organisation carrying out the works to arrange notification. This might be directly by letter drop, placing of advance warning signs before works start or other means.

There is more information on their website https://www.dorsetcouncil.gov.uk/travel/travel-dorset/roadworks-road-closures 

Parish Council Elections in May

Parish Council Elections are in May – please see https://www.leighvillage.org.uk/parish-council/become-a-parish-councillor/ for more information.

An update from the parish council

May will soon be here, bringing with it election season. For those that are interested in standing as a parish councillor, here is some key information.

Nomination packs are now available from the electoral commission and nominations can be submitted from the 12th March by hand at 4 venues until the 5th April with a 4pm deadline. This is also the deadline for nominations to be withdrawn from the election process.
There are 7 seats on the parish council, so if 7 or less stand for council, then the election is uncontested and those that have stood will automatically be elected and there will be no formal
election process. If, however there are more than 7 nominations, then the election is contested and a parish election will be held on the 2nd May, with those that have been elected as parish councillors taking office from the 7th May.
I would invite anyone that is interested in standing as a parish councillor to get in touch with the clerk, as there is a lot more information available regarding dates, drop off venues, the process, responsibilities etc.

You can also look at the links already posted to the website, as well as the below videos which are useful.

  1. What do parish and town councils do in your community? https://vimeo.com/907832696?share=copy
  2. What do parish and town councils do across Dorset? https://vimeo.com/907833217?share=copy
  3. Why becoming a parish or town councillor in Dorset matters https://vimeo.com/907833081?share=copy
  4. Parish and Town Councils are for Everyone https://vimeo.com/907832934?share=copy