Latest Covid update

Dear Parish Council Clerks,
The following Covid update has been issued by Dr Rob Childs, 13 December
2021, can you please publicise it within your local communities:
“Most of you will have seen or heard the announcement last night about
boosting the Covid booster programme.
We are doing well with our local campaign. Last week alone we gave over
3200 vaccines. Thank you to all the staff and volunteers who yet again turn out
in their own time to ensure our community is protected.
We do still have some availability left for our Saturday 18th December clinic at
the Digby Hall. Please come forward and book your vaccination (either 1st,
2nd, or booster dose – 12 weeks between doses) via the text link you’ve been
sent if possible. If you don’t use a smartphone, please contact your surgery to
book, preferably in the afternoon when we are less busy.
We had planned to finish boosting all over 18s by the 7th January 2022 but we
are now looking to see if we can add capacity and vaccinate you before Xmas
if possible.
This extra work may mean that we cannot provide you with our full range of
services until the campaign is finished. So please bear with us whilst we try to
sort the logistics of this now urgent booster programme.
Dr Rob Childs
Distributed by Roger Marsh
Chair – Patient Participation Group
The Grove Medical Centre

Road Closures

There are a number of proposed road closures which will effect the village in the coming weeks.

Click in the images below to see the full details

13th December near Batcombe. Full details here 





5th Jan 2022 in Yetminster. Full details here





6th Jan 2022 in Hermitage. Full details here


Gathering evidence to support the extension of the 40mph limit beyond Totnell to Three Gates

You can help strengthen the case for the 40mph zone to be extended from Totnell to Three Gates by noting any traffic incident, or near miss, and informing Dorset Police (phone is best – but try if you cannot get through) . Be sure to get an incident number.  Once (but not before please) you have successfully registered the issue with Dorset Police, please also inform Alan Bennett , Leigh Parish Council and Dave Whiteoak , High Stoy Parish Council.

We need to demonstrate to Dorset Council there’s a problem presented by the increased volume of traffic traveling at higher speeds on a stretch of road which has a blind corner, more houses, an increasing numbers of pedestrians (on a road with no footway), a busy dairy farm, an active equestrian centre where horse and riders use the road and a registered educational centre at Pogles Wood. Serious incidents have happened in the past and we are keen to reduce the speed limit to avoid accidents in the future.

A message from Brenda & Steve at bridge Stores and Garage.

We can’t believe it’s almost 32 years since we came to Leigh and we have much enjoyed serving all of you.

The last 18months have certainly been crazy,fun and quite exhausting. After much consideration we have decided to have a break from being so busy & maybe do some exploring with the camper van Steve has spent many hours restoring.

I am happy to carry on with the shop & post office until 31st October. If there is a group of energetic people with lots of enthusiasm to organise a community shop at a suitable venue, they would be welcome to the shop fittings and freezers from Bridge Garage and any remaining stock we may have left. If anyone is willing to take on the Post Office that could be transferred.

Best wishes

Brenda & Steve

UPDATE from Dr Rob Childs – Sherborne Covid Vaccination Lead

We have only two more Covid vaccination clinics left to do locally. One is this
weekend on the 17th July and the last clinic is on the 31st July at the Digby Hall.
Both of these clinics will be offering Pfizer vaccines ( and some Astra Zeneca
doses as well). The local campaign has been a great success and we have
achieved vaccination rates that are some of the best in the country. We will then
be shutting down the clinic until the Autumn when we anticipate seeing many of
you again for your Covid vaccine booster and flu jab. The details of this campaign
have yet to be finalised.
The second dose of your vaccine is the most important in giving you immunity to
Covid. Cases are rising rapidly nationally and locally. So please don’t forget your
second dose. If you don’t have an appointment and haven’t had your second ( or
even first dose), please ring your surgery to arrange one.
The emphasis now is shifting from national Covid restrictions that were designed
to protect you, to you making choices to protect yourself.
You may want to consider continuing to wear a mask in certain settings where
the risk is greater and we will ask you to continue to wear masks in healthcare
settings such as the surgeries. You may also want to consider obtaining lateral
flow tests which you can get from local chemists or order online
at If you are
meeting with others, you can then reassure each other of your negative status
with a lateral flow test. This will allow for safer socialising of all those groups that
haven’t been able to meet for some time.
We still need to be cautious as it is likely that numbers will continue to rise for few
more weeks before this peak is reached. Most of the current infections are in the
younger age group (18-29) or those who haven’t been vaccinated. We are seeing
a few infections in those who have had two vaccines, but the risk of serious
illness is greatly reduced in those who have been vaccinated.
So to reiterate, get your second vaccine for your immunity and safety, and if you
haven’t had a first vaccine and have changed your mind, talk to your surgery and
we can arrange one for you.
Let’s enjoy the good weather and the removal of legal restrictions, but do
continue to look after yourself and those around you, by not taking any
unnecessary risks and staying safe.
Dr Rob Childs
Sherborne Covid Vaccination Lead