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The 21st Leigh Art Show, October 2017

The 22nd Leigh Art Show took place from 20-22nd October 2017. The show looked beautiful and once again we had just the right amount of entries to fill the Village Hall. Visitors to the show from outside Leigh always comment on the delights of the space. It is indeed a great space, but thanks for the success and look of the show goes to our expert hangers who take great care to match paintings so that they complement each other, this enhances the show considerably. Many thanks to all our volunteers who brought nibbles on Friday and who helped with the kitchen, bar and desk. Without the volunteers who give their time so willingly we would not be able to put the show on. Thanks especially to Hilary Clark who managed the kitchen and baked cookies and scones over the week-end, also to my wonderful committee of Julian Turnbull and Plaxy Arthur, who are so efficient and even manage to make me feel efficient! There was a great atmosphere and everyone seemed to really enjoy the paintings, which varied from super-realistic through to completely abstract.

The artists entering the show ranged from first timers to those with a London gallery to their name, artists such as Cherrill Parris-Fox, who grew up in this village and Ali Cockrean, who now teaches for Artslink and independently. Artslink, along with the Village Hall, was our chosen charity this year and they send a very gracious note of thanks for our donation of £500. The show made approximately £1300 overall.

Heather Mitchell sold all 3 of her paintings and could have sold more had she been allowed more than 3. She seemed to have developed a very popular style of painting and was voted best in show for her picture “Walkies”. Double congratulations to Heather who had a baby the week of the show!

Heather Mitchell ‘Walkies’

Coming a very close second and third were Kim Pragnell and Olivia Willoughby. Kim Pragnell was popular for his wonderful seascape, which was sold at the very last minute, when he added some seagulls for extra enhancement! This repeated his performance of the last show when he also sold at the last minute. Olivia Willoughby’s realistic wildlife pastels were also incredibly popular. She was delighted to receive 3 commissions for portraits of pets, which is her speciality.

The next show will be in October 2019. Next year we have Dorset Arts Weeks so look out for our local artists exhibiting around the area over the summer of 2018.

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