Covid-19 Support

In the light of the latest government recommendations for families and vulnerable people, we have set up a support network within the village.

If you are unable to leave your home or need some help with shopping or medication then please call or text. 07942 646052 .

Your request will then be forwarded to a group of support volunteers, one of whom will take responsibility for your need.

Covid-19 Support information
LighLifeline support group can be contacted on 07942 646052
This is a mobile number and will be manned full time for calls, but you can text if preferred.
********** CHANGE OF LOCATION *************
Fresh Fruit and Veg will be available from the car park at VILLAGE HALL on Wednesdays between 13:00 and 14:00.
This service will only remain if people use it, so let's all make an effort to support a local business.
We are also hoping that there will be fresh fish and meat available at the same time.
Market Street Garden veg / fruit / veg and fruit box scheme for Leigh.
Cate Dixon is co-coordinating a separate fruit/veg box scheme for residents. Details can be found in the updates section below, or contact her directly on 07 971 061 335
Bridge Stores and Post Office will now be open from 09;00-13:00 Monday to Saturday.

Latest Updates

Latest Covid Information From Dorset Council

Dorset Council has issued a newsletter detailing the latest Covid restrictions and info regarding council services. You can read it by clicking on the image below or click here 

Covid19 Vaccinations

The NHS will notify you when it your turn to be vaccinated.  Full details can be found at

Garden waste kerbside collections to resume

Dorset Council will be resuming its garden waste kerbside collections from Monday 27 April.

Further details here


IT help for local businesses

Ian Collins is kindly offering some help for local businesses to develop digital marketing and internet sales. This may help you to keep going over the difficult times ahead and may even help to grow your business now.

If you think he may be able to help you, then take a look here for further details

Urgent messages from the Grove Medical Centre

There are two urgent messages from the Grove Medical Centre. Please read carefully. They may not apply to you directly, but you may be able to make others aware.

  •  Updated information issued by The Grove Medical Centre regarding child vaccinations:
    “We have been made aware that a segment on Good Morning Britain last week shared some incorrect information suggesting that the immunisation programme was suspended. This is NOT correct, it’s very important to maintain good coverage of immunisations, particularly in the childhood programme.

    If your child is due their vaccinations please ensure you keep the appointment. We have measures in place to ensure you and your child are kept safe. If you wish you can wait in your car until the nurse calls you in. Otherwise you can go straight into the blue waiting room (no need to check in). If you do need to cancel the appointment please ensure you rebook it as soon as possible 💉 “


  • Updated information issued by The Grove Medical Centre regarding dispensary team and local pharmacists:
    Our dispensary team, along with local pharmacies are currently inundated with medication requests. We now require 3 working days between the time you order your medication and the time in which it will be ready for collection. Please do NOT turn up before this time period unless your need is urgent (in which case please notify the dispenser when ordering).

     Over the coming weeks we are expecting to have less staff in the building at any one time as we must protect our staff and patients in line with the Government advice, and we also predict staff to be self isolating at times. This may mean that telephone wait times are a little longer than usual. We trust you will be understanding of this. We are still here to help you when you need us, we just ask for your patience. Thank you

Garden Waste kerbside bin collections to be suspended

From the end of Friday 27 March, Dorset Council waste services (previously known as the Dorset Waste Partnership) will be suspending all Garden Waste kerbside collections.

Further details here

Another supplier for Fresh fruit and veg

Cate Dixon has set up an alternative supplier for fresh fruit and veg boxes to be delivered in Leigh. There will obviously be a very high demand for this type of service, so if you want to place a regular order, please contact Cate ASAP.

Market Street Garden veg / fruit / veg and fruit box scheme for Leigh.

Cate Dixon will act as coordinator for the village and the key points are listed below:

  • Please contact Cate by email or phone or text to place your order by 3pm on a Thursday for a Friday delivery. If you don’t need a box for this week, or any week, you don’t need to contact me. Just contact me when you do want a box.
  • Please specify your choice of box; veg box, fruit box or mixed fruit and veg box.
  • The bill and bank details for Market Street Garden will be inside the first box delivery. You pay after your first delivery, then you can pay in advance for subsequent deliveries.
  • Please pay by BACS transfer if you can. Alternatively by cheque. Details to be in your first box.
  • The boxes will be delivered every Friday to the village for collection. Cate will deliver boxes to your door if you are elderly or frail – please let her know when you place your order.
  • Keep the empty box and bring it back to be collected and re-used. They’re wooden boxes so good hand hygiene practice please!
  • Although they will be standard boxes, Adrian is open to suggestions such as, more leafy veg/ less root veg or the other way round. He’s aiming for some variation in contents week to week. He suggests we make our comments on how it’s going and we can review it 2 weeks time.
  • You can also request eggs, jam, chutney, fruit juice to be added to your order.
  • The standard box will cost £30

The Market Street Garden shop on Cheap Street, Sherborne is now closed.

Please contact Cate Dixon to place an order on:   or 07 971 061 335

Typical boxes look like this


Update from Dorset Council

Dorset council has provided a very helpful page of information on the Council’ s to the Covid-19 crisis.

The information can be viewed here

Play Park Closed

The play park is now closed until further notice.

Update for extremely vulnerable patients

Message from the Grove Medical Centre

“We have now been given the list of the most vulnerable patients who will be receiving the letter from the NHS this coming week regarding staying indoors and fully isolating. This is 229 patients out of the 12600 we look after. We understand this is a worrying time for everybody, but PLEASE would you refrain from phoning the surgery to ask if you are on the list. It means that those needing medical attention will struggle to get through. The 229 will be contacted. If you believe you fit the criteria in the link below and haven’t received a letter by 29th March then please contact us then”.

For details of the shielding policy including who is in this cohort of patients, please look here:


This has been sent to us by The Grove Medical Centre, Sherborne. It applies to all NHS dispensaries so please read carefully. Click on the image to expand.

Fresh Fruit and Veg

We have arranged for a Fruit and Veg supplier to come to the village on Wednesdays between 13:00 and 14:00. He will be setting up outside Bridge Stores. This is a great way to buy your fresh fruit and veg, and support a local business.

This service will be in great demand over the next few months, so if we don’t use it, they will find others who will.

Obviously you will be required to adhere to the latest recommendations on social distancing when making your purchases.

What does the 14 day rule mean?

Here is the latest guidance from Public Health England on how to isolate if someone in your family gets sick.

St Andrew’s Church, Leigh

St Andrew’s Church, Leigh

  • will continue to remain open every day in the hours of daylight;
  • from Friday to Sunday between the hours of 10am and 11am someone will be in the church to share your thoughts in an atmosphere of peace and tranquillity;
  • on Mothering Sunday (Sunday 22nd March) please collect a posy of flowers and greenery from the porch from 10am;
  • we will continue to be a collecting point for donations of tinned or dried food for Sherborne Food Bank (please put your contribution in the coloured box by the organ at the back of the church);
  • we also have an Emergency Box in the church by the vestry for villagers who suddenly find themselves in need of tinned or dried food.
Village Hall Closure

The Leigh Village Hall is closed from midday today, 20/03/20  for 10 weeks or the end of May.

In line with Government directives we will revue the situation at that time or earlier if necessary.

The committee apologise for any inconvenience. These are harsh measures but we live in an unprecedented time.

Volunteers needed

We are setting up a Covid-19 support group. If you are able to help collect shopping or prescriptions etc then please phone 07942 646052  or email and leave your details.

The support group will be using whatsapp to co-ordinate responses, so you will need a phone which supports whatsapp

We are looking for as many people as possible to join the group as circumstances will be changing daily. Many hands make light work.

Village hall closed

The village hall is now closed until further notice. There will be no events or meeting held until further notice