Croquet membership

Croquet: What, Where & when

We play ‘Golf’ croquet – the simpler and less demanding version of the sport – where the first player/pairing to get one ball through a hoop wins that hoop; and the first to seven hoops wins the game.

Play takes place every WEDNESDAY and FRIDAY afternoon (weather permitting!) from late April until early October, on two carefully rolled and mowed lawns at the Yetminster Sports Club field (off Sussex Farm Way)

Play starts around 3pm, and carries on for a couple of hours.

Fees & Subscriptions

Members pay a one-off annual subscription of £50 – to cover all costs of maintaining the lawns.

No weekly Green or Lawn fees are charged for use of the Balls & Hoops used to mark out the playing areas, or use of Club mallets for those who don’t have their own personal ones. (We’re very fortunate in having a skilled mallet maker, John Strover, here in the village, and JS can and does, advise as to what size and weight of mallet would best suit each individual before he sets out to make one for them).

How to play

Well, with as much skill as you can muster – Obviously!

Seriously, we play for enjoyment – even during the annual Inter-Village Competition, when we take on the might(?) of Leigh, Chetnole et al.

‘Training’ and advice will be freely given (and sometimes even be accepted!) by your fellow players, and we can call upon the services of an English international if we start to get really competitive, or get to technical.

We have a mini-tournament towards the end of the season, with random pairings then taking on others on a knockout basis, aiming to have fun; and even, win the Prize Cup.

Why play

Essentially for fun! (even in the Inter-Village tournament, or the matches held against other local Croquet clubs – when it does become a little more intense.
Friendship / Exercise and the great Dorset countryside – what more could you want!

To find out more

Come on down once the season has begun, or in the meantime, give me a call, and I’ll do my best to answer any questions, or get one of the other committee members to respond ASAP.

Andy Gatehouse

(01935) 873 888 or via Email